Perhaps you remember the movie Groundhog Day, where actor Bill Murray wakes up every day stuck in a story. No matter how he lives out the day, he always wakes up the next day, starting over in the exact same spot, same narrative as the day before.

That pretty much sums up most of my 40s! Despite having been an active, strong athlete throughout my adulthood, my previously fit, vibrant body suddenly started changing. My metabolism tanked and I started gaining weight, no matter what diet I tried, or how much I worked out... and I lost a lot of strength—two things I swore I would never let happen to me. Then came cognitive changes. I started having trouble with word recall and my normally sharp memory and fast problem solving skills went into hiding. I was tired all the time, yet I had difficulty sleeping. I even battled constipation daily. In short, the body I had inhabited for 40 years suddenly felt like a stranger’s. But no matter what I did to support myself in getting out of the rut, I woke up in the same, frustrating, miserable story. Every. Single. Day.

All of this had a profound impact on my spiritual and creative life. I mean, when you are in survival mode spending most of your time trying to put out fires in your body, who has time or energy to thrive and live expansively? But isn’t this supposed to be the Promised Land of the 40s and beyond? We’ve worked so hard in our struggle to get here, toiling to raise our families with love and intention while juggling our careers and personal lives. And now we finally have more time, wisdom, and resources (hopefully) and a heart full of dreams, but we can’t seem to fully live them or enjoy them the way we deeply long to. There is something profoundly wrong with this outcome!

I refused to believe that I could not live large (ahem, inwardly speaking) in a productive, happy, healthy, and very purposeful self in my 40s and beyond (and you should too!).

“Once we know that the entire
physical world around us,
all of creation,
is both the hiding place
and the revelation place
for Divine Love,
this world becomes
home, safe, enchanted,
offering grace
to any who look deeply.”
Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ

I set out to hack my physical issues and turn things around, but progress was so slow…it most usually seemed like two steps forward and three backward! I spent thousands of dollars through the years on empty promises—expensive supplements and the latest fitness gadgets that promised answers but never delivered. I tried several fad (lifestyle) diets such as paleo, keto, plant-based keto, lectin-avoidance, vegan, and a few others, completely disheartened when none of them made much difference at all! I refused to accept my downward spiraling health, but after so many years of no effective answers, I was ready to give up.

But persistence eventually pays off—which is why I'm so glad you're here. Through research and experimentation, I found the relief: breakthrough strategies with solid, effective answers for women over 40 that are available and accessible in order to heal the body from the inside out. As our bodies heal, the magic happens. We open up space in our minds and hearts for spiritual wonder, connectedness to self and others (and Spirit), and therefore creative expression! I am here to share with you how to get back to this kind of healthy, fit, productive, empowered, and expansive living in the prime of your life! It’s time to wake up in a New Story with a vibrant body and a heart full of restored, unfolding dreams!

My website pages are currently under construction but in the meantime, be sure to watch for my upcoming women’s 6-week inner healing and empowerment program featuring beautiful symbolism from our feathered friends, the birds (see my “about me” page as an example of using nature’s symbolism). This program will include many exciting features such as a private women’s community and plenty of interaction in the membership area with me. It is my goal to equip and empower you to get back on the road to inspired, extraordinary living... so don’t miss out!

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