New Agreements for Liberation & Happiness

“Ninety-five percent of the beliefs we have stored in our minds are nothing but lies...We trust what we believe, and our beliefs set us up for suffering.” Don Ruiz
I recently read The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz, which offers some ancient wisdom from the Toltec tradition. Check out my video review on these four “new" agreements you can make with yourself to begin reforming your daily reality with positivity, empowerment, and transformation. You will enjoy this book if you…
  • Struggle with many fears in your life but you don’t know why or what to do about them
  • Frequently find yourself focused on negative thinking or speech
  • Tend to assume what other people are thinking or feeling
  • Tend to react to life rather than be prepared with empowered responses
  • Feel stuck and desire a new frame of reference for your life
As you listen to the video, I would like to hear from you. What fears do you recognize as being culturally conditioned from...
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