Creating Your Best Life with the (Real) Law of Attraction

If you find yourself resisting this blog title, give it a chance. Find out how my mind has changed toward this teaching in the past year and why...
What if you really could change your life with your thoughts and words, and what if the adage, “words become things,” had some merit? What if your desires and intentions truly are powerful enough to create and shape the life of your dreams? What would you do with that information...would you put it to use it to become a powerful force of good on this planet for yourself and others, or would you squander it away on a dark shelf in back of the closet?
Until this past year, I have always been skeptical of the Law of Attraction and here’s why. I don’t buy into things that aren’t able to benefit everyone equally. I have come to believe that if the Universe or the Great Mystery (God) is indeed good and loves all of its children equally, then all of those children should have equal access to everything good...everything needed to empower, liberate, and bless themselves and others. 
Nearly all of the forms of the Law of Attraction I have ever heard were either presented falsely or else I was unable to hear and accept them based on incorrect, preconceived notions that made my psyche distrust and therefore, block the message. The versions that I understood and innately rejected only benefited a small chosen few with promises based on the scarcity model. Think of corrupt church leaders promising a blessing or healing in exchange for expected (often guilted) tithes and offerings, or any other schemer who promises you a blessing or a healing agent in return for your money—usually significant sums of money. These two unappealing typical scenarios require that the person can first have access to the healer or healing agent, and then actually be able to afford what they are offering (or the expense of traveling to them). And even then the expensive, promised miracle was elusive for most.
I knew inherently that those forms of the Law of Attraction could not be true as they exploit people’s needs, hopes, and dreams without solving them or truly fulfilling them (e.g. for physical healing, answers to prayer, monetary provision, deliverance from oppression of any kind, fulfillment of dreams, desire to make a difference or live out a meaningful life without constant struggle and strife). 
If there is a true Law of Attraction, and I now believe there is, it is a universal superpower.😇 It is available and accessible—for free—to everyone in the human family. With the right knowledge and tools, no one is left behind. It is not dependent on current outer resources, location, age, gender, or education level. Yes, it will look a bit different for all who utilize it, but it should have similar foundational benefits based on each person’s unique life circumstances (empower, liberate, and bless). 
About the Law of Attraction
This is surely exciting news! I am in the process of learning about this Law and how to make it work for me. What I love most is that it is a spiritual concept with a scientific backing. Joe Dispenza’s work brilliantly demonstrates this complementary working between science and spirit in his Gaia documentary series, Rewired, and also in his two books, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and Becoming Supernatural.  
Other prominent teachers of this theory are Greg Braden (The Divine Matrix), Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), and Vishen Lakhiani’s work at MindValley.
Is there evidence for the Law's efficacy?
There have been untold experiments, especially in the newer realm of quantum physics, demonstrating how the Law of Attraction works. But some cool visual representations have been conducted in famous experiments (reproducible) by scientists such as Dr. Masaru Emoto. With 15 years of water research, he discovered that words, emotions, and intentions directed toward water rearranged the molecules to either beautiful forms or disorganized chaos, dependent upon the vibrational energy from the intentions. 
You can watch Dr. Emoto's full length 2017 documentary on water crystals. He also has a book about what water called Messages from Water, a book that explains "how our prayers, goodwill, and positive words heal humans—as well as viruses and the universe as a whole—through water."

 A short version of his experiments gives you the general idea here. 

Another experiment that has been reproduced far and wide on Youtube is the rice experiment, where people separate cooked rice in containers and place intention toward them over a set period of time. This can be merely taping words on the jars (e.g. love, hate, ignore) or actually talking to the jars daily (words of love and affirmation vs. words of hate and criticism). The jars are kept in the same conditions (counter or refrigerator) and observed over a period of time (usually 2-4 weeks). The rice that is affirmed verbally or silently (with intent*), is practically fresh and unspoiled. The rice that is rejected and criticized is spoiled with mold and discoloration! 

What is involved in practice of the Law?
The teachers of the Law of Attraction seem to agree on a universal protocol, but as stated, the timeless authentic protocol is 🤩FREE🤑 and available to everyone to learn and master. It appears that simply focusing on what you want (or simply repeating a mantra) is not enough; there must be intent, emotion, and visualization involved along with a form of deep meditation where you are able to access a special universal energy field of creative potential. I have provided some guides here, but again, I recommend any of the resources referenced here (especially Dispenza's work) for understanding how this works and why it is important to learn the art and craft of deep meditation to clear out old subconscious programming and reach into the divine realm of miracles. 
What this means to me…
In the past 10 years of awakening to and being liberated from personal disempowerment to corrupt, power-hungry, fear-based systems and false beliefs, I have been razor-focused on finding answers to suffering and sickness that will benefit everyone—especially people who don’t have resources to buy the next miracle cure or find, travel to, and afford the next exorbitant specialist. 
I specifically felt Spirit leading me down a path of realization that it is time to find my personal power and teach others how to do the same—power that is not dependent upon anyone else but is fully accessed by “going inside.” I do believe that we have all the answers and provision we need, but somewhere along the way through time and social conditioning of various civilizations, that knowledge was obscured and even stolen from the everyday people like us. And the few who retained or discovered the golden keys to divine potential had no way to proliferate it to the masses. Rather than being taught that the all answers are within, we were told to look outside of ourselves. This destructive teaching has kept us completely dependent upon external power structures and other people for the solutions to our problems (mind, body, spirit). 
But, this is all changing. We are being retaught and reprogrammed with a massive shift of loving truth being proliferated throughout the world today. Namely via the Internet and idea sharing, the truths about our inherent superpowers are networking together again, restoring precious information to the collective conscious, the Mind of humanity, much like the healing and rewiring of neurons in a restored nervous system (the body’s communication system). 
I believe we are coming into a great age of awakening, the breaking down of the old paradigms of corrupt, disempowering systems that have held the masses in mental and spiritual captivity for eons. These deep truths that were handed down through the ages by the great mystics and seers are being resurrected and disseminated “for such a time as this,” to assist with the liberation of all people from fear, sickness, and poverty.
The stars are now speaking to us through their unique alignments (e.g. Age of Aquarius, current Capricorn energies and star alignments—remember the ancients read the skies for connection, knowledge, and direction) reinforcing many prophecies throughout history and worldwide cultures, this is the start of a deliverance into the time described symbolically as the Promised Land, the Feast of Tabernacles Age, or the Golden Age of Miracles. As Judith Kusel states in her article, "The Age of Miracles," 
The Age of Miracles brings new and higher ways of life and living. New science steeped in the metaphysical will no longer be able to deny the soul/spirit within all, the greater Divinity/Mastermind/Universal Laws/Grand Master Design, and finally science will expand into the All-Knowing, and be reinvented to the core. One cannot take the soul of science!
...The power of love will sweep through our illusions, our fantasies as we return to the ultimate truth. ...The regenerative force teaches us that only Love is real and all else is illusion.

...It is the age where we will learn to live and let live. To allow ourselves to return to the ultimate understanding that we create what we live. We reap what we sow. We are co-creators—yet how we use that force is what ultimately makes or breaks us.

Allow the Power of Love to bring that regenerative force into your heart, mind and soul and embrace a much higher and more profound way of life. Remember, that all of this starts within you—and then manifests outwards. You are the creator as much as you are the creation you live in.
It’s time for us to reclaim our personal, "eonian life" (eternal life is ongoing now) power as we merge with the great collective toward the “restoration of all things as spoken of by the holy prophets" (Acts 3:21). This will be accomplished by each of us awakening to this personal power, changing the vibrational frequency of our lives (scientifically, we are all energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies that are empowering or disempowering), and then collectively elevating the knowledge, energy, and frequency of the world. 
I would love to hear your thoughts! What do you think about the Law of Attraction? Do you understand it? Have you tried it? Share your experiences with the rest of us! 
*Note that, despite the plethora of rice experiment proofs on Youtube demonstrating a positive correlation of words, there are a few science skeptics who have tried to reproduce the rice experiment without success. I believe this is due to their lack of belief or intent with the rice, which further proves the purpose of the rice experiment, which is about our energetic intentions and beliefs. 

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