Are Your Healing Efforts Blocked?

There is a lot of information out there today about how to tap into spiritual power in order to heal your body through meditation. In fact, it appears you can save yourself years and great sums of money with some deep meditation techniques that tap into spirit and perhaps into the healing wisdom of the cells. I believe it works, and I only wish I’d known about it myself a few years ago before I took the long, costly, uphill road. 
Meditation, along with water fasting and a plant-based diet are the only scientifically proven modalities (that I know of) for increasing longevity and anti-aging. So there is definitely good science about why this is an effective practice. And if you’re like me, and you want to know how it works, I recommend the works of people like Joe Dispenza (Becoming Supernatural and the video series, Rewired), or Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), or Greg Braden (The Science of Self-Empowerment and Divine Matrix). They offer both the science and the spirituality of why and how meditation and your words and beliefs change and heal you. 
So all that is great. But I have come to suspect from my own body that it’s probably not enough to amend a body system that isn’t working properly, or is broken if one's body is inundated with toxins that are blocking healing efforts. In other words, what if you need to remove something to assist your body, rather than add something? I don’t honestly know if the body can detox itself with meditative and belief practices or not. But it kind of makes sense to me that, in addition to meditation, we should simultaneously be doing everything we can to limit toxin exposures (with the right intentions that are empowerment based rather than fear-based), and get them out of our bodies. 
There are literally tens of thousands of man-made chemicals in our world today that our ancestors did not encounter. Our bodies have not had time to evolve into dealing with them yet now we find we are suddenly bathing in them, literally. Our bodies seem to cope reasonably with all the toxins until we hit a certain limit or stage of impact, and then it’s a downhill slope of various combinations of symptoms: weight gain, excessive hunger, and a spectrum of metabolic issues, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and many other problems. 
Unfortunately, many people are unaware that their bodies may be toxic due to several sources: environmental exposures (air, water, food, personal care products, etc.) both past and present, exposures in utero, and your body’s unique detoxification pathways that determine how well your body manages and rids toxins.  Of course, we can also list toxic belief systems that have infiltrated our minds unaware since early childhood. As I have often heard, the key task of the second half of life is unlearning, and I will add, unloading. Shedding old limiting and fear-based beliefs, and making room for that which serves, is healthy, and contributes to a healed mind, body, and spirit.
Some of the many toxins that we encounter today come in the forms of:
Heavy metals. In fact, you can inherit heavy metals across the placenta in utero for at least three generations. Think of Grandma’s lead paint and lead pipe exposures. Think of your (and mom and grandma’s) amalgam/silver fillings (mercury). Think of all the vaccines (aluminum and mercury) you’ve had over your lifetime, and the toxic ocean fish you’ve consumed (mercury). Or if you’ve ever lived near and breathed air pollution from factories. 
Hormones and hormone disruptors. Our environments are loaded with unnatural hormones from animals we consume that are fed hormones to fatten them up for market, linings on canned foods and plastics we eat from (think BPA), teflon coated pans, and the shedding of hormone replacement therapy by people who use creams. 
Fluoride. Fluoride is used in almost every mainstream toothpaste, and even in municipal water systems. It is given to children as treatments for anti-cavity prevention. There are many known problems with fluoride. It competes for iodine (disrupts or injures thyroid), disrupts sleep, and is a known carcinogen. One important problem with fluoride is that it calcifies your pineal gland, a regulator of sleep and also a considered part of the spiritual connection point of one’s body, or the “third eye." 
EMFs, GMOs and non-organic foods: I discuss these more at length in my free online guide
Personal care products. Many hormone disruptors and carcinogens are contained in personal care products like shampoo, lotion, women’s makeup, fingernail polish, deodorant, and perfumes. Many color-based make ups and fingernail polishes also contain lead. 
Body as its own little humanity. One of the things that has helped me care more about what I’m exposing my body to during my wellness journey is learning about the deep intelligence and complexity of each and every cell and how it relates to the whole (Me). There are trillions of cells that make up the human body, each one with important responsibilities towards both self and the whole, each with very complex functions and even unique identities. Your mind is the entity or the “sovereign being” of your body and all of its trillions of members, with the ability to facilitate a cooperative effort, where most of your body can learn to align to work together for the good of the whole. This is a pattern of the universe...cooperative systems or entities dependent upon the the awakening to healthy collaboration of each of the members. I believe we already see evidence of this happening to the collective in our world with the “healing” or restoring of the communication system (the Universal Mind as represented via the Internet, joining the whole “body” where it can start communicating as a whole and sorting out information together). At the micro human body level, this would be similar to healing our nervous system (neuronal pathways originating with the brain and spine and innervating the entire body), which is the body’s communication system. It’s messy and chaotic at first, but it is going somewhere good, I believe.
As we are on the path to body, mind, and spirit healing and empowerment, it is important that we start to “wake up” or become more attuned to the toxins or blockers that are sabotaging our progress. While it’s easy to want to ignore or dismiss all of the ways we are being set back in this effort, our amazing, miraculous bodies depend on our mind's awareness and intention. 
*Photo courtesy of svklimkin on Flickr

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