3 Fears That Sabotage Your Dreams Part 3


This is our final post of a three part series about fears that sabotage our God-given dreams. What this means exactly, is that God knows the dreams of our hearts, and when He/She sets out to fulfill them, we are put through a season of preparation that often includes some pretty hefty and serious actions on our part. This final week, we explore the fear of suffering: will I suffer too much for following an extreme God-given directive in my life? Will I have the courage to see it through? 

Previously, we covered the fears, will it cost me too much, and will it be disappointing?

I hope you enjoy this last and most difficult fear I faced (in my whole life), as well as the deeply important lessons and worthwhile outcomes I experienced through this nearly ten-year journey of following the will of God when it seemed completely off the rails and impossible to do. You definitely won't want to miss this! 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Have you ever encountered a similar crossroads in your life when you were directed to do something completely counter to your values, beliefs, and desires? Have you ever followed the will of God when it felt more like jumping off a cliff to your death than moving toward your happiest life? 

Thanks for being here. I love sharing my journey with you. See you next week! 



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